Kalanchoe flowers


More of my kalanchoe flowers… Feels like spring is closer with every day…


I love my life


I love Germany, I can’t deny. There is something absolutely enthralling in that country. Their love to organize things, their food, culture, music. And let’s say it – no matter what kind of music they make – they are really good at it.

I visited Berlin few days ago, and for the first time in my life I had opportunity to visit a legendary nightclub with techno/electronic music – Tresor. It’s like Mekka for all those who love electronic music, especially German music scene. That’s what I found there. It helps to appreciate my life!



There is a expression in Norwegian language I absolutely adore! “Kos” means coziness, or something relaxing (correct me if I am wrong!), and “lørdag” means Saturday. I love when Norwegians mix those 2 words and create something to describe kind of enjoyment (mostly food during the weekend). So definitely fruity day for me – grapes, and later some raspberry and banana cocktail!