Definitely one of the best experience of Norway is the sky – during the winter you can see beautiful Northern lights, while spring and summer serve you a wide range of colors. This photo was taken in June, when nights were short and colors of sunsets one of the most intense I have ever seen in my life!


Ridderspranget i Sjodalen.


When the weather does not encourage to go outside, the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon is to check your old photos. There is so many places in Norway which are completely unreachable without a car. That is why I am longing for spring so I will be able to take more trips and discover new places.

This magical places is called Ridderspranget, and it’s draining the eastern parts of Jotunheimen National Park called Sjodalen.

The most important thing is the road, not the final destination.


I always thought that such places are scary – alone on the road, surrounded by mountains, and austere landscape. But they are not – they can  give you the feeling of freedom and peace. The road is the most important, not the final destination.

Photo was taken somewhere in Norway, last spring, unfortunately don’t remember where exactly.

Ginkgo biloba leaves in autumn


Muséhagen (or botanical garden) in the city center of Bergen is one of my favorite places in the city! Despite the fact it is very small I discover new things every time I am there. Just like those leaves of ginkgo biloba. The leave is the symbol of Tokyo prefecture (the whole tree is the official symbol of Tokyo) and it’s one of the oldest kinds trees on earth! Very interesting species of the tree with an amazing history!



Rainy days have come to Bergen for good. Days are very short, sometimes you might not even see the sun for few days. It’s bright only for few hours a day, but even then might be very cloudy and grey. Every hiking, even the small one in the city mountains, required head torch and good water proof clothes. And when you everyday looks like that, you really start to appreciate such moments like this one – sunset on my way to Løvstakken. It makes me so happy to see a bit of warm colors on the sky, even for few minutes…