Sometimes bad weather and clouds outside the window can create a great opportunity to take good photos. Coast of Norway seen from Hurtigruten boat.




Despite the rainy days in Bergen you can easily feel that spring is closer with every day! And I am not talking about the tulips standing on my windowsill. One of the signs is the nice temperatures up to 10 degrees! Finally I can start to cycle again. Before I didn’t have winter tires on my bike, and in such a hilly city as Bergen it might be pretty dangerous to cycle when the whole street is covered with ice. Also the days are longer, which can mean only one thing: more time outside!



I photographed that couple on Tyssøy beach 2 weeks ago. It was a beautiful day so many people came there just to walk a bit or have a picnic. This guys were amazing – looking at the sun, enjoying its every single sunbeam, holding heads and looking at the see!